Host A Facility Tour

If you are interested in hosting a facility tour, please contact the TASCS Office for help OR follow the guide below.


STEP 1: Find your state senator and representative:

Go to the Texas Legislature Online website at: and look for the “Who Represents Me” section on the bottom right of the homepage. Enter in your facilities address, city and zip code and hit submit. You will then see a page that tells you who the state senator and representative is for that address.

In addition, if you have an existing relationship with your senator or representative where you personally reside, this presents an additional option for reaching out and educating him or her about ASCs.  You can always invite him or her to tour your facility as well. Of course, if you have not met your senator or representative where you reside, again, this is a perfect opportunity to reach out and do so.


STEP 2: Contact the legislator’s office:
The contact information will be included on the page with the legislator’s name and their names will include a hyper link to their own webpage.  Here are the steps:

1) You can call, write or email.  Some offices have online forms for completing as a means of contacting them.

2) It is recommended that you call, and start with the Capitol office.  If the Capitol office doesn’t answer, you can leave a message or try to reach the district office. Please note that some members have several district offices. 

3) When you reach the office, ask to speak with the scheduler.  The scheduler may also ask for an email as to help keep track of the request. 


STEP 3: Confirm the date:
Once you have called and initiated the request to have the legislator tour your ASC, please be sure to confirm the date and time.  In addition, about two weeks out from the date set, reach out to the legislative office to ensure nothing has changed on the schedule.  

It is always helpful to provide your contact information, including your cell, as things change rapidly for elected officials, and if there is a need to cancel or reschedule at the last minute, the member’s office will appreciate having a way to reach you directly.


STEP 4: Contact TASCS:
Once your date is confirmed, contact the TASCS office at 512-535-2325 or [email protected] and let us know. We will send you an electronic package of information and instructions to use during your tour.    

If you have any questions on this information or in general, please do not hesitate to contact us at the number or email provided above.


Hosting a tour should be a fun and memorable experience! This is your opportunity to show off your ASC! A few general guidelines are below, but  you can also refer to this detailed guide


- Meet and Greet! Make sure you welcome your guest

- Show them EVERYTHING! Walk them through the facility and show them all of the procedure rooms, prep rooms, lab, sterilizing rooms, pharmacy, offices, break rooms, etc

- Tell them ALL about your facility! What kind of procedures you preform, do you serve a specific patient population, how many procedures does your facility perform each year, etc

- THANK them for coming!

 HAVE QUESTIONS? CALL US! 512-535-2325